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Storing Water in Copper Vessels?

storing water in copper vessels

What’s so special storing water in copper vessels and drinking from it?

I was intrigued when I saw my friend carrying a copper bottle and drinking water from it. I have never seen anyone drink water from a copper bottle or copper vessel as they call it in my entire life until I met him.

I have seen people drink water from BPA free bottles or the usual plastic bottles that you see in supermarkets which are used to store drinking, distilled or mineral water but not copper bottle.

So I went on to ask him why he stored water in a copper bottle… Guess what was his response?

It was for health reasons and he went on to explain…

Why should I keep water in a copper vessel?

Apparently, copper has very good antimicrobial properties which keep your water safe for consumption and enhances its health benefits. (1,3)

When you consume water stored in a copper vessel overnight for at least 4 hours, the water will acquire certain properties from the copper which enhances your liver health, overall well-being and energy levels. (4)

copper vessel

Water has memory?

Since it has been proven that water has memory, it is important for you to allow your water to “rest” to unfold its negative memory acquired while traveling through the numerous bends in the piping system to your drinking tap.

Consuming water with negative memory can be bad for your health.

Allowing your water to stay undisturbed for at least an hour to unfold itself to its original state before consuming is recommended. (2)

This fascinating documentary will reveal to you the truth about water memory:

What are the health benefits of drinking water from copper vessels?

Aside from its antimicrobial properties, copper is necessary for the proper absorption of iron, which is an important building block of red blood cells.

Since only about 25% of the US population is consuming enough copper from their diet, drinking water from copper vessels is another way to increase their copper intake to promote better well-being. (1)

Who is it for?

Anyone who would like to enjoy a copper detox for better health.

For folks who are frequent travelers, it is normal for your body to have some minor poisons from your food intake. Copper would help you deal with that. (4)

How to take care of them?

lime and salt

Follow these simple instructions to preserve the lifespan of your copper vessels:

1. Wash the vessel before use

2. Use lime + salt + water or vinegar + salt to clean the inside of the vessel

3. Do not use harsh scrubs to clean the outer surface

4. Use soap water to clean the other surface

Since copper tarnishes and may develop spots on exposure to air and water. It is advisable to wash the vessel periodically. (4)

Where can I buy them from?

With an increased awareness on the benefits of storing water in copper vessels, they have become more readily available at major trusted e-commerce stores like Amazon.

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