My Isha Kriya Experience On 23 June 2019​

my isha kriya experience

Since I attended the Upa Yoga class last year on International Yoga Day, 21 June 2018 and experienced a certain shift in my entire being, I decided to go for Isha Kriya at the Isha Centre in Singapore, located at 5008 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 today, 23 June 2019 at 4 pm.

I was impressed by how well furnished the place is and the sense of calmness that it brings as I entered the place.

I was greeted by a friendly lady who helped me to confirm my online registration.

A gentleman who was next to her then gave me a brochure with an overview of the courses that Isha offers along with some samples of bath gel and shampoo.

inside isha singapore

I explored the centre for a short while before proceeding to a room where the free session was held.

There were many people, about 20 plus, who attended the free session.

Majority of them are our friends from India which is expected since Sadhguru has a big presence in India.

The feeling that I got from the session was very different compared to doing it on my own for the past few days.

The lady who facilitated the entire session was Jena, an Isha Singapore volunteer.

Step By Step Instructions for Isha Kriya

What I love about the Kriya by Sadhguru​

It can be performed at your own convenience and only takes 12-18 minutes.

It is recommended for you to practice it twice a day for 48 days to see significant changes to your overall well-being.

The kriya is very easy to perform with guidance from the founder, Sadhguru. You can find instructional videos on how to do it from Youtube or refer to the video above.

Alternatively, you can visit this website for more information. 

After practicing for a few days of this spiritual practice​

I felt more alert and aligned with my being.

Important things to take note

It is advisable to perform the Kriya once a day for 90 days or twice a day for 48 days to experience a change in our well-being.

Refrain from doing the kriya at night as it will keep you alert and you may find it difficult to sleep.

Do it once in the morning on an empty stomach and once in the evening, preferably 1.5 hours after a light meal or 4 hours after a heavy meal to recharge your body.

Overall experience​

The centre offers some healthy snacks, honey, turmeric and neem in powder and capsule form.

I wanted to buy the neem and turmeric powder but was told that the stocks will come on 1st July.

I was told by a friend who has been practicing upa yoga and isha kriya for a while to consume these 2 herbs prior to my practice to enhance its effectiveness.

Therefore, I will go back to the centre next month to purchase it.

There were a lot of pictures about the history of Isha along with the initiatives that Sadhguru has started.

Overall, it was a very pleasant experience.

What’s next

I was introduced to Inner Engineering towards the end of the session and I have decided to go for it in August.

Watch this video by Sadhguru to learn more about the program:

There are 2 Options available:​

1. Inner Engineering Total (4 days event – Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

This is great for people who have the luxury of time to experience the entire program at the Isha Singapore centre from Thursday to Sunday.

Alternatively, you can go for option 2.

2. Inner Engineering Online + Inner Engineering Completion (2 days, Saturday and Sunday)

You will complete 7 sessions of 90 minutes at your own pace, in your own space followed by attending the workshop on a Saturday and Sunday to complete the program. 

I have decided to go for the Inner Engineering Completion this year.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Inner Engineering Course after I have attended it.

Edmund Yeo

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