A Different Perspective About Death

a different perspective about death

Death is something that cannot be avoided. The birth and death dates are not within my control. However, the dash is within my control. I cannot control where I am born but I can control how I want to live. 

I attended my cousin’s memorial service with my family at Ang Yew Seng parlor at 9 am today. 

I was very shocked when I first heard the news from my sister on 14 July that he passed on while going on a holiday with his parents in Taiwan. 

Upon conversing with his family members at the memorial service, I found out that he passed on due to heart and lung failure, but he was in a state of happiness before he left. 

I am happy that he has moved on to another phase of life in a happy state.   

At the end of the day, people will remember him for what he did which had impacted their lives in a positive way as I listened to his eulogy by his father and a close friend. 

I used to get very emotional when someone dear to me passes on. 

I would cry for days and have regrets about things that I could have done but didn’t or want to say but didn’t say. 

Therefore, I have learnt to follow through on things that I want to do and say what I feel like saying so long as there’s no ill intentions and it’s for the benefit of everyone involved.  

Life is too short to worry about what others say or think since this piece of life is all I have.  

Instead of simply mourning about a person’s death, wouldn’t it better to celebrate their lives as well? 

Paying tribute to what he has done and celebrating a life well lived.  

This was the distinction that I got after attending the service today.  

Few things that impacted me about my cousin: 

His willingness to help people and develop relationships with everyone that he knew. I can attest to this since he regularly sends words of encouragement and funny videos to my WhatsApp to brighten up my day.  

Caring for other people and putting them first even though he had been struggling with health challenges ever since young. I heard his dad saying that he would tell him to spend time with his younger brother and sister, don’t put all attention on him.  

More importantly, he inspires me with his overcoming and resilience in times of suffering as he was undergoing a lot pain. 

His hotel was SGH, TTSH and other hospitals ever since he was born. 

After the memorial service, we followed his family, relatives and friends to Changi Ferry point for his sea burial. 

We boarded bum boats to the middle of the sea where the urn was released. 

Then, everyone who went for the burial were given a stock of flower to be released into the sea as a mark of respect for his passing and to help him be at ease and return to the creator.

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