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Attitude 101

Posted by Edmund on July 20, 2016


Attitude 101

I believe everyone knows that having a great attitude towards life will allow you to embrace it and experience it to the fullest.

I only came to this realization after I almost lost my life due to stroke back in 2016 and spent a month on the hospital bed reflecting.

That was when I chanced upon Dr John Demartini's work from my business mentors, which made a tremendous impact on the way I viewed my life.

The thing that impacted me the most when I studied his work was the importance of knowing what I truly value in life and setting goals that were congruent to my highest values in the 7 areas of my life: Spiritual, Mental, Vocational, Financial, Family, Social and Physical.

I am a firm believer in applying what I have learnt rather than just sharing theory with people.

Here's a summary of what I did after studying his work along with some great videos that you can view to gain greater insights from Dr. John on the different areas of your life.

Determine My Top 3 Values

You will find the Value Determination Process on his official website,

I would suggest spending an hour or 2 at home to answer the 13 questions with pure honesty and not try to assume things like what I did.

After repeating the exercise for a few times, I came to realize that my top 3 values were:

1. Vocation

2. Business

3. Health

I used to think that family is important to me.

After doing the exercise, I realised that I am simply imposing my sibling’s value on myself, thinking that family is indeed important to me.

Like what Dr. Demartini says, my life demonstrates my values. In reality, I hardly spend time with my family except once a month over a dinner and our yearly family trip.

I feel that it is important for me to acknowledge my true values and not try to follow somebody else’s values.

It is recommended by Dr. Demartini to repeat the Value Determination Process once every 3 months since our values change over time.

This will enable me to set goals that are congruent to my values.

Listen to this talk by Dr. John Demartini to gain greater clarity on the Value Determination Process and how to create an amazing life for yourself.

Crafting A Purpose / Vision For My Life

If you asked me what my vision is many years ago, I would simply give you a blank stare or even ignore you.

The reason is simple, I wasn’t taught to have a vision from school or even from my parents.

Therefore, it is normal that majority of the people in this world do not have a vision for their life.

If you observed many successful leaders in the world or in history, you will noticed that they have one thing in common…


I was inspired by the notion of having a vision for my life after associating with my business mentor and many successful entrepreneurs across the world.

That was when Globally Inspiring People To Lead Optimal Lives came about…

It was a true marriage between my values in vocation, business and health.

I wanted to create a website whereby I can share my personal experiences from observing optimal health and universal principles to elevate my life while inspiring others to do so.

That was when came about to honor my parents love for me at the same time.

I remembered when I made the decision to go into business for myself, many of my well-meaning friends and relatives were saying that I am crazy.

However, I kept my vision and have no regrets even though the first few years were very tough.

One thing that I learnt from Dr. Demartini is to never sacrifice your vision just to keep friends.

Instead, inspire them to their greatness with your actions.

Attitude Towards The 7 Areas Of Life

After I identified my Top 3 Values and my personal VISION, I was advised by my mentor to set goals in the 7 areas of my life and revise them on a quarterly basis since our values change.

It is important to set goals in the 7 areas of my life.

Otherwise, an incident will take place to bring me back into balance.

Previously, I wasn’t paying attention to my health. As a result, there were too much stress built up from the death of my father due to cancer which resulted in my eventual stroke.

Here’s a glimpse of the Goals that I set:


Meditate 30 minutes a day in the morning. Breath meditation is the technique that I use as it’s very simple.


Read 1 chapter of an inspiring book daily.


Finish writing an article for my website every 2-3 days.


Save 10% of my monthly income and increase my web clients by 1 per month.


Have a family dinner every month.


Attend breath meditation events once a month.


Attend a yoga/pilates class once a week, walk, run or do weight lifting on other days.

These 2 videos will provide you with more insights on the 7 areas of life.

Read something inspiring every day

Every day when you read something and you see a quote or a thought that is especially meaningful, extract that and write that or type that up in a computer and start building your masterplan. Only write what is inspiring to you.

Feed your mind inspiration and not desperation.

Concentrate on the flowers and not the weeds.

Fill your mind with ideas of greatness from great beings.

Read them daily or recite them. Teach what you learn to your friends, family members and most importantly your students or kids.

Begin meditating, it’s better than medicating.

Incurable means curable from within.

So meditate every day, a minimum of 15 minutes a day.

The style of meditation is less important than starting with gratitude and becoming present and poise, and then asking for inner guidance.

The greatest beings in history trusted their inner voice and vision. Practice the art of listening to that voice and vision through meditation.

Ask these questions when something happens to you:

How is whatever that’s happening to me helping me to fulfill my vision?

How is it strengthening me in giving me skills and talents?

What doors are opening up?

The quality of the questions that you ask can determine your destiny.


In your business, make a list of things that you do on a daily basis.

Prioritize it according to Fulfillment, Productivity and Profitability.

Take out the lower 20, 30 or 40% and see whether you can delegate to somebody else so you can get on with doing that which is most meaningful and inspiring to you.

It is unwise to do low priority things, it is wise to delegate low priority things and do what you are most masterful at that produces the most income, most meaning, most fulfillment. If you train yourself to do ABCs instead of XYZs, you grow in self worth and your business takes off.

Do it every 3 months. Streamline, prioritize and delegate.

Share your inspiration and vision of your business with the people that work there.

Hire people whose values are to do the job to save money on overheads, frustrations, motivations, punishments and rewards.


Save a part of your income regardless of how much you make. Preferably no less than 10%

If you never learn the art of saving, you will be a slave to money and you will work your whole life for money.

Money will begin to work for you when you begin to save and become its master.

The wealthy pays themselves first and the impoverish pay themselves last.

When you manage money wisely, you will receive more to manage.

The amount of money that you save will determine who you hang out with and attract more opportunities and investments.

It is not how much you save but the habit of saving that matters.

Read a book at least once a month on money.

Family / Relationships

Know that every individual in your family or you are dating has a set of values.

Discover what their values are and master the art of learning how to communicate what you dream about in terms of their values and their language.

If you help them get what they want to get in life, they will turn around to help you get what you want to get in life.

All relationships are built on that law.

Never expect them to leave outside of their value systems. Otherwise, you will feel that you are betrayed but you are simply betraying yourself by expecting them to live outside of their values other than what they are.

When you appreciate and love them for who they are, they turn into who you love.

Every woman wants to feel beautiful and every man wants to feel intelligent.

Social / Leadership

Everyone is a leader in whatever is highest on their values. Never compare yourself by thinking someone else is more of a leader than you. Find out where you are a leader and don’t deny it. Write down where you lead.

Everyone is a leader to someone and everyone is a student or follower of someone else.

Humbleness to divinity is what provides you certainty for humanity.

Never subordinate yourself to another human being, go inside your heart and soul, listening within and letting that voice and vision on the inside guide your life. If you do, you are automatically a leader.

Honor your unique leadership skills, everyone is a success in their own right.

Dig inside yourself and find out what are the causes in your life.

The greater the cause, the greater your life.

Find out what causes you want to contribute in your life.

Everybody has a cause, it is whatever that’s highest on your value, it’s whatever that’s deepest in your void, it’s whatever that’s most meaningful to your heart.

Do not let one day go by without doing something of service to another person.

You will never have a lack of money if you find somebody to serve. There is no such thing as lack of jobs, it’s people who aren’t going out and finding needs.


If you are not doing what you love or loving what you do or working towards it or not linking what you are doing to what you love, you are going to drain your body and it’s going to create symptoms.

Your symptoms are there to give you guidance to go back to do what you love.

If you go to bed in a state of gratitude, you will have more vitality.

If you get clear on your vision, you will have more vitality.

If you drink more water, less other drinks, you will have more vitality.

Anything that causes volatility in your blood sugar, fat concentration, protein concentration or any lipid concentration in your blood stream tends to age you.

Eat moderately, eat light. Don’t live to eat, eat to live…

Drink water, breathe deep and experience the inspiration, hold a vision of what you want your life to be, walk every day, dance, make love, swim, hug and kiss.


Every individual is spiritual according to their values.

Beware of boxing in spirituality according to your own values, according to belief systems or institutions or dogmas because where is God not, where is spirit not, it’s universal.

Inspirational Songs That I Enjoy

List of Books That Inspired Me


Published on 20 July 2016

Last updated on 15 June 2018

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