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If you are looking for some actual user feedback, facts and detailed overview of the natural breast enhancement program Breast Actives, then you’ve come to the right place.

I have done an extensive research on this natural breast enhancement treatment and below I’ve organized all my research into a concise summary to help others decide if this breast enhancement treatment is right for them.

Before I touch on the important points that you need to know, I first want to say that there are a lot of breast enhancement program in the market and it really does pay to look at them carefully as the ingredients and mode of action varies widely. With that, let’s continue with my findings.

I am sure you are well aware of the dangers and cost associated with surgical procedures to insert breast implants to enlarge your breast or you wouldn’t be on this site to explore a natural alternative.

Whether you are looking for bigger, firmer, nicer or more proportionate looking breasts, Breast Actives is a good solution.

However, does Breast Actives work 100% of the time? No, it does not. Anyone who tells you that it works 100% of the time is just being dishonest. There is no treatment that works for everyone because all of us have a different body that reacts differently to various treatments.

Before I discuss about the main ingredients in Breast Actives and how they work, I want to first inform you that it is made from 100% natural ingredients as mentioned by the manufacturer. Therefore, you are not introducing any harmful or toxic materials into your body.

Most importantly, the ingredients are listed under FDA’s list of safe foods. So, they are definitely safe to consume unless you are allergic to certain ingredients. I did not come across any Breast Actives side effects complaints, except a few who complaint of a slight tingling sensation which go away after some time.

How Does Breast Actives Work?

Let’s discuss about how it works. It is a supplement and cream combo which must be used concurrently for best results. Both items work together to stimulate the growth of your breast glands and create the optimal conditions for your breasts to grow properly. This is similar to what happens when you are experiencing puberty and pregnancy.

What Are The Ingredients In Breast Actives?

The main ingredients in the supplement are Vitamin E, Fenugreek, Fennel, Dong Quai, Blessed Thistle, Dandelion, Kelp, Watercress and L-Tyrosine. Vitamin E helps to protect the body tissue, is good for the skin and helps to combat free radicals and more. Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle form a good combination in promoting milk production for nursing mums.

Fennel is a source of phytoestrogens which promotes breast tissue growth and helps to improve the milk supply. Dong Quai is good for the female reproductive system as a uterine tonic and hormonal regulator. Dandelion has anti-inflammatory effects and is used to treat various ailments like infections and more.

Kelp is known for its high iodine content which promotes weight loss in some cases. Watercress is used to treat scant or failing supply of milk in nursing mums. L-Tyrosine is used to treat wrinkled skin, Premenstrual syndrome and more.

The active ingredients in the cream are Pueraria Mirifica Extract – 10%, Red Clover Extract – .5% & Sepiliftiiii. Pueraria mirifica is said to contain phytoestrogens which promotes the growth of breast tissues and increase milk supply. Red clover is used to soothe menopausal symptoms.

As you can see, the main and active ingredients in both cream and supplement contain natural ingredients like Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, Fennel, Watercress and Pueraria mirifica that promote breast tissue growth and increase milk supply. Therefore, Breast Actives should provide a good solution for natural breast enhancement.

Does Breast Actives Really Work?

Now that you have some idea behind the selection of ingredients for this breast enhancement program, you may be wondering whether this system really works? The company claims that you should start seeing some noticeable results after 2 months of usage. Therefore, don’t say that the product does not work if you have only tried it for 1 month.

However, based on my research from various sources, most customers reported that they only started seeing noticeable increase in breast size after 2 to 3 months of treatment. That is still very reasonable because our body may react at different speeds.

I have also come across many reports of satisfied customers who increased their breast size from 1 to 3 cup sizes. Not only did their breasts become larger, they became firmer as well. Therefore, it really depends on your body’s reactions.

Check Out The Testimonial From A Real Breast Actives User Here:

How To Use Breast Actives Properly? Guidelines To Take Note Of.

1. Always Get The Complete Package With Both Supplements And Cream

Why? They work best when they are used together. Use both items at about the same time. Don’t take the supplement in the morning and then only use the cream at night. This will not work.

2. Avoid Caffeine At All Costs

This includes coffee, chocolates, caffeinated drinks, and so on. Why? Caffeine will reduce the effectiveness of Breast Actives in increasing your breast size.  Therefore, you will not want to jeopardize your efforts and waste your money. If you really need to drink coffee, get those decaf ones instead.

3. Have a Diet Containing Food Rich In Estrogen

Having at least 3 well-balanced and normal meals is the first step towards healthy cellular growth which is needed for your breast cells to grow.

Some food rich in estrogen includes:

  • garlic
  • vegetables such as beans and potatoes
  • grains including rice, soybeans along with wheat
  • parsley
  • fenugreek water (soak the seeds in water for 5 hours before drinking in the morning)

4. Exercise

Go for some exercise to keep your body healthy. This will provide a good foundation for the cells to grow as well.

Good Luck!

Most importantly, if you are taking any medication, pregnant or nursing, always consult your physician prior to usage.


In conclusion, if you are looking for an affordable and safe treatment to enhance your breasts, that has a good track record of doing well, you can’t go wrong with Breast Actives. Although Breast Actives work for most people, it may not work for everyone. No treatment does. Therefore, you should be realistic when it comes to treatment programs. If it is not working out for you, just go and look for another treatment method.

90 Day Return Policy

Breast Actives is backed by a 90 Day Return Policy from the date of purchase. Therefore, if you have bought the product and it is not working out for you, you can always return the ones which are not opened and get your money back.

Where To Buy It?

You should only buy Breast Actives from the official website because there have many instances whereby people buy from other websites and get fake products. Therefore, this is something you need to take into consideration. Furthermore, you can get better deals from the official site as well.

All the Breast!

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Reviewed on 1 Nov 2011

Last Updated on 23 Oct 2014